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  • Indices.Blog the number one investment network

    The leading investment blog network have launched a new website called indices.blog for your investing and personal finance needs. Indices.blog is the home of Financial index, Stock Market, Forex, Cryptocurrency and Business News.

  • Duterte’s Mocha/Mocha’s Duterte

    … truth, accountability and democracy, the Philippine Senate held a hearing on fake … Assistant Secretary Mocha Uson and President Duterte. (Photo from the author … at the University of the Philippines-Center for International Studies (UP-CIS Diliman … Duterte’s Mocha/Mocha’s Duterte

  • US and China engage in cyber war games

    The US and China have been discreetly engaging in “war games” amid rising anger in Washington over the scale and audacity of Beijing-co-ordinated cyber attacks on western governments and big business, the Guardian has learned. State department and Pentagon officials, along with their Chinese counterparts, were involved in two war games last year that were […]

  • Blackberry outage caused by core switch failure

    The latest BlackBerry messaging and browsing outage is the result of a core switch failure in RIM’s infrastructure, the company has admitted as the incident continues to spread around the world. A second outage on messaging and browsing services is continuing to affect users of RIM’s BlackBerry handsets. The disruption to RIM’s BlackBerry Internet Services […]

  • Oil prices has gone down but not pass onto consumers

    US Light Crude Oil prices has gone down to $76.56 a barrel last month and has since it has been hovering around $84. But why the high street petrol prices hasn’t gone down? Media and business news was quick to announced the barrel of oil has shoot up over $100. However, since then it hasn’t […]

  • Philippine economy is growing steady

    The World Bank on Wednesday praised the Philippines for its steady economic growth despite the global economic shocks and hailed reforms made by the government of President Benigno Aquino. In its quarterly update, the bank said it expects Philippine economic growth to stabilise at 5.0 percent this year and rise to 5.4 percent next year. […]

  • Press release (Manila, Philippines)

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